Privacy policy

Dead Cells is a video game developed and published by Motion Twin, a cooperative French company.
This document will help you to identify what data Motion Twin is collecting while you’re playing Dead Cells and how it’s being used.

What information are collected?

Windows, Mac and Linux

We’re collecting non personal data so we can improve the game and fix eventual issues. These data are collected anonymously and cannot allow us to identify the player.

Concerned data are:

We’re also collecting data necessary for the proper functioning of specific game modes. These data are associated with the user of the platform used. These game modes could not be available on all the platforms on which the game is available.

Game modes and collected data are:

Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4

No data are collected on any of these platforms.

iOS and Android

The iOS and Android versions are published by our partner Playdigious.

You’ll find more information on and

How are stored these data?

All of the collected data are stored on servers handled by Motion Twin and located in France.
Only Motion Twin or subcontractors with a specific need could be brought to access it.

All of these collected data will exclusively be used as part of the development and the exploitation of the game Dead Cells. Nothing will be sold to any third party.

Contact us

Motion Twin
9 rue André Darbon
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