Important features

  • Added a new Assist Mode to the options menu :

    - Continue mode – each time you die you can resurrect from the beginning of the biome. (this effectively already existed by quitting the game when you die, now it's just 'official')

    - Auto-hit mode – automatically target nearby enemies with your primary melee weapon.

    - Adjustable trap damage, enemy damage and enemy health in % increments.

    - Option for slower parry window and trap speed
  • New Gameplay Options :

    - Hold to jump.

    - Hold to roll.

    - Shield toggle option, instead of long press.
  • New Input Options :

    - Customisable Long Interact input.

    - Customisable Dive Attack input.

    - Customisable functions for the Left Stick, Right Stick and D-Pad.
  • New Video Options :

    - Customisable HUD transparency and size.

    - New font option : Arial.

    - Customisable Brutality / Tactic / Survival colors.

    - Display stats icons in addition to their color.

    - Display critical strike feedback on the HUD.

    - Display effect icons in item descriptions. If two effects synergize with each other, the icons glow.

    - Outlines for the Beheaded, Enemies, Skills, Projectiles and Secrets.

    - Disable blood.

    - Reduce the number of particles.
  • New Sound Options :

    - Customize categories of sound effects individually (active, enemies, environment, etc.)

    - Added a customizable sound priority system, to limit the number of sounds at once.


  • Barnacle: new crit condition on bleeding or poisoned targets to make it less awkward (and bad).
  • Tentacle: lots of bug fixes. It should be way more reliable now.
  • Crowbar: new crit condition on stunned enemies to make it less awkward too.
  • Magnetic Grenade: full rework, it doesn't send enemies flying around (often in your head) but instead pulls them towards the explosion.
  • Biters pets: now way more resistant to attacks and effects that don't specifically target them.
  • Corrupted Power: now in % instead of a flat bonus. No other difference functionally speaking.
  • Wings of the Crow: lots of bug fixes.
  • Decoy: can be manually detonated after a few moments (it's not a grenade, but you don't have to awkwardly wait for it to explode if you don't want to)
  • The cost of most of the beginner items has been drastically cut, to make the early game less tedious for new players and to make new items a viable unlock option while trying to get your flask, gold and other useful upgrades.
  • Reverted the changes on Crowbar. Update 29.1
  • Barnacle no longer crits on bleeding enemies. Update 29.1
  • Machete & pistol: The third hit now ignores side shields. Update 29.1
  • HOTK should now have an easier time hitting the player when they're airborne. Update 29.2

Graphics & UI

  • Added an option to change the text size of Item Names, Item Item Descriptions and Dialogues. Update 29.1
  • Added an option to increase the size of the Attack Announces. Update 29.1
  • Added a new font to choose from: "Adys". Update 29.1
  • Added an an option to add a colored filter between the background and foreground. The color and opacity of the filter can be freely customized. Update 29.1
  • Reorganized the entirety of the Options menu and added a new "Accessibility" section. Update 29.1
  • Texts in the Stat Selection Menu no longer use "Red", "Purple" and "Green", but "Brutality", "Tactic" and "Survival". Update 29.1
  • The Crown and The Lighthouse now have different doors that lead to their biomes. Update 29.2

Quality of life

  • Reworked all the player animations to correctly display the head behind the body, when needed.
  • Added a new Update Pop-up that displays all the information about our latest update, when you launch the game for the first time. Update 29.2


Bug fixes

  • Thunder Shield is no longer considered to be a ranged weapon. Update 29.1
  • Fixed Face Flask's "Volley of Arrows" affix not dealing any damage. Update 29.1
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling in the options felt "bumpy". Update 29.1
  • Fixed Golden Bat Kamikaze appearing in the ground in the Training Room. Update 29.1
  • Fixed some soflocks with Pollo Power. Update 29.2
  • Fixed some overlap visual bugs on the World Map. Update 29.2