Derelict Distillery Update

Important features

  • New biome: Derelict Distillery. High Peak Castle alternative, currently available from the Collector area leading to the High Peak Castle.
  • New item: Tesla Coil! A medium-range, multi-targeting, shock inflicting turret.
  • New item: Barrel Launcher!: Throw explosive barrels on enemies. Just make sure they don't throw it back to you.
  • New OST: You can now choose between the original version and the brand new demake/8-bit/chiptune version of the soundtrack in the Sound option menu.
  • Added 3 new achievements linked to the Distillery. Update 20.5


  • Prisoners' Quarters: rats density decreased.
  • Rats behaviour has been tweaked - it now waits a bit less and go less far in-between two attacks.
  • Tweaked damage affixes chances of appearing on an item. They should now more or less have all equal chances of being generated.
  • Community suggestion Forgotten Sepulchre 3BC door cursed chest has been replaced by a regular treasure. The cursed chest is now in the main level, and hence available at every BC.
  • Weirded Warriors won't be parrying your arrows if you're hitting them after one of the dashes.
  • Community suggestion Purulent Zombies (the worms trowing one, and yes, we need a different name for one of the two purulent) don't teleport anymore in 4BC+.
  • Community suggestion Sismic Blade can't proc the bonus damage on rooted enemies affix anymore.
  • Community suggestion Hayabusa Boots combo is now composed of only three hits instead of four, meaning the last, bumping, hit comes faster. Damage when bumping an enemy in the wall has also been increased (and mentioned in the description, which will now be in french until we get the translations.)
  • Community suggestion Nerves of Steel damage increased.
  • Community suggestion Infantry Bow damage and ammo increased.
  • Community suggestion Swamp of the banished: reduced density of enemies, Giant Ticks do less damage.
  • Community suggestion Increase all first bosses and Time Keeper gear level.
  • Dilapidated Arboretum: reduced density of little mushies, no more Oven Knights.
  • Corrupted Confinement: rats density decreased.
  • Explosive Crossbow:
    - Melee attack now starts right away with the downward bumping attack. it's faster but does less damage and the range of the explosion is more limited. The bump to enemies has been buffed, but you're no longer bumped back.
    - Range attack is faster and does more damage than previously, but it no longer stunlocks enemies and bumps them less. Update 20.2

Level design

Graphics & UI

Quality of life

  • Community suggestion Ice Crossbow: prevent the "worms spawn on victim's death" affix.
  • Community suggestion Added a 60 kills perfect door after the spoiler biome.

Music & Sfx

Bug fixes

  • Community suggestion Decreased chance of +% damage on critical hits appearing.