dead cells zombie strategy indie game « Cooperate, survive, betray.
Not necessarily in that order. »

What is "Dead Cells"?

Dead Cells is an upcoming zombie survival game where you and your friends will fight for your lives against an invading horde of zombies!

There's only one problem...
The winner is the last man standing.

Dead Cells is the spiritual successor of Die2Nite, another game by your friendly devs here at Motion Twin.

dead cells zombie cooperative indie game « Work together to stay alive.
Or stab the guy next to you in the back and run! »


Cooperation or betrayal. It's all up to you: just don't be the victim.

The aim of the game is to be the last alive, but the longer you survive the more loot you get and it's not easy going it alone. So choose the right moment to make your move...

The first question you have to ask yourself is: are your friends more useful dead or alive? The second is: who else is thinking the same thing?

dead cells zombie tower defense indie game « Set your traps and take out the undead »

Team Tower Defense

Plan you defense by planting traps, barricading doors and windows and of course choosing a vantage point to shoot from.

Everyone will be setting traps and fighting for the best spot.

Will you use your resources to fight the zombies? Or will you try to guide them ravenous beasts right into your friends face?

dead cells zombie cooperative indie game « Do whatever it takes to be the last alive.  »

Your game, your style:

Play Dead Cells in Rapid multiplayer mode or get serious and play in Marathon mode. As the name suggests, these games can last for weeks.

Start your game on any platform (PC/Mac browser, iOS, Android), continue it on another.

dead cells zombie adventure experience indie game « Scavenge weapons and other goodies. »

Survive & Explore

Use your resources wisely to craft new items or to barricade doors and windows. Every choice is life or death.

After each battle, your team must choose to stay in the same comfy tavern for another night, or move to a ridiculously dangerous forest where a merchant selling amazing weapons lives?

dead cells last survivor zombie indie game « Scavenge weapons and other goodies. »

When can I play damn it!?

The game will be available before the end of 2014... Sooner rather than later!!

We've got an alpha scheduled for the 18th of September this month! After which we'll polish and then roll out a larger beta. We'll let you know when that will be!

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